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Already in production, shooting for Mighty Good will wrap with the conclusion of the National Cutting Horse Futurity in December. Post production and editing will occur over the winter and spring.

Mighty Good will be entered in a host of film festivals and eventually distributed through endemic television channels and national streaming outlets.

The film production, promotion and distribution will cost an estimated $500,000. Donations can be made through the Ranching Heritage Association, which supports the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock, Texas, working to preserve the legacy of the West. There are three levels of sponsorship available.

$50,000 AND ABOVE

-Front roll, full-screen title card of the organization or individual’s logo and/or name.
-Name and/or logo inclusion on commemorative poster.
-Invitations and VIP access to events and screenings.



-Full screen title card of the organization or individual’s logo and/or name at the film’s close.



Individual or organization’s inclusion on a scrolling list of “Other Generous Support Provided by…” at the film’s close.


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The revenue generated will cover the production, promotion and distribution of the film. Any income generated from Mighty Good will be donated to The National Ranching Heritage Center.

To sponsor Mighty Good, please fill out the form below or contact Charlie Israel (205) 901-2689 or email ci@outdoorinvestment.com

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